KD-BC-8H Fully Stocked Professional Equipment Advertising Broadcast Machine


KD-BC-8H Fully Stocked Professional Equipment Advertising Broadcast Machine

1. Broadcast-grade hardware HD switching station;

2, Built-in digital mixer, analog mixer and audio hardware delay device;

3. MIC/TF Card storage, recorded as TS-MPEG2;

4. RTMP push live broadcast;

5. Intercom call and Tally system;

6. HD input screen 4, HD output screen 2 display PVW/PGM;

7. Camera PTZ control, preset position control, white balance adjustment, aperture adjustment, etc.

8. Built-in wireless control module, supports wireless control of PTZ cameras and Tally

9. Application: studio, live multi-station recording, education recording, media live, all kinds of meetings and activities live;

10. Size: 440mm×360mm×150mm (screen close) 290mm (screen open);  Weight: about 6kg;

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Product specification sheet

Model Number KD-BC-8H  
Power supply AC110V-240V,50Hz,80W
Operating temperature 0-40℃
Size (L×W×H)440mm×360mm×150mm
Weight 6kg
Signal system 1080/50p,1080/50i,
Video input HDMI×2,3G-SDI×8
Video output PGM output,HDMI×2,3G-SDI×2;PVW output,HDMI×1,3G-SDI×1
Audio output Stereo (L,R) IN RCA×5,MIC XLR×5
Audio output Stereo (L,R) OUT RCA×1,Balanced XLR OUT×2,Monitor3.5×1,Playback monitor3.5×1,The director calls MIC3.5×2
Other interface RJ45×1,USB×2,TF×1,WIFI
Video switch Hardware switch signal×8(1920×1080)
Audio mixing Digital mixer×5,Analog mixer×5,Audio hardware delay device×1
Record MP4
Live streaming Rtmp
Delay broadcast Audio and Video hardware delay broadcasting system (Non Standard)
Subtitle Subtitle system,Virtual matting system (Non Standard)

Product description

KD Portable Director and Recorder System Technical Parameters-KD-BC-8H 


1.Video: input: 8 groups of 3G/HD-SDI input, 2 groups of HDMI input, support 1080i50Hz, 1080P50Hz and other signal input;  Built-in HD captioning machine input interface, interface are HDMI or SDI;  Output: two groups of 3G/HD-SDI and two groups of HDMI HD video output at the same time, one group of PVW output and one group of PGM output;

2.Audio: input: 5 groups of XLR balanced audio input, support LINE and MIC mode, and each with 48V phantom power switch, 5 groups of RCA(R, L) stereo input, 5 groups of SDI, HDMI digital audio add unembedded input;  Output: 2 groups of XLR balanced audio output, 1 group of RCA(R, L) stereo output, 3.5mm audio monitor output;  

4.Monitoring system: 6 independent 1920×1080 hd screens, 2 9-inch screens and 4 4-inch screens, one of which is a 9-inch screen display PGM live window, the other is a 9-inch screen display PVW preview window, 4 4-inch screens respectively display input signals;  Provide display selection button, with 10 screen segmentation display output, display 8 input signals and 2 output signals respectively;  

5.Internal call system: The eight-channel hardware guide call system and eight-channel guide prompt system TALLY provide eight groups of call selection buttons for individual calls, all calls, and mute calls in each channel.  

6.Audio processing:  Built-in digital mixer, analog mixer and audio delay, audio embedded and unembedded, realize the mixing of digital audio and analog audio, 5 groups of SDI, HDMI digital plus unembedded audio, 5 groups of XLR professional microphone or balanced audio, with 5 groups of 48V illusion power supply and 5 groups of RCA (R, L) stereo audio hardware mixing mixer,  The mixer has voice playback and audio processing, 7 groups of volume adjustment fuser to control the volume of digital audio, analog audio and main output audio respectively, 2 groups of XLR balanced output, 1 group of RCA (R, L) stereo output, 2 groups of HDMI digital audio embedded output and 2 groups of SDI digital audio embedded output, built-in audio hardware delay system,  Adjust the speed of audio by the hardware knob to achieve accurate synchronization of sound and painting; 


7.Camera PTZ control system:  Built-in THREE-DIMENSIONAL rocker, respectively control the push, pull, roll, pitch, and zoom of each camera, provide 9 groups of shortcut key prefabricated buttons and 2 groups of prefabricated setting buttons, each machine can realize 100 prefabricated positions, provide hardware rotary encoder to control the selection of camera address, provide camera manual and automatic precision control system,  You can set the camera white balance, focus, aperture, color, brightness, etc., to meet indoor and outdoor shooting needs;  

8.Recording system: built-in 4:2:0 coding recording system, to achieve constant frame and constant code recording, hardware recording system provides microSD /TF Card, USB and other storage interfaces, support TF Card, U disk and mobile hard disk recording, recording file format is MP4, can be directly imported into the nonlinear editing system;  

9.Built-in Wifi: WLAN main specifications, PHY: support 2.4 band and 5G band 2X2;  MAC: Supports IEEE 802.11d /e/h/ I /k/w;  Supports the coexistence of 20M, 40M, and 80M.  Support IEEE 802.11b /g/n/ AC;  Transmission power: 11B@16dbm;  11 g @ DBM;  11 n @ 13 DBM;  MCS9 @ 13 DBM;  2.4g Receiving sensitivity (40MHz) : -80dbm @rate MCS 0;  -68dbm @rate MCS 5;  -64dbm @mcs7, 5G reception sensitivity (40MHz) : -80dbm @rate MCS 0;  -68dbm @rate MCS 5;  - 64 DBM @ MCS7;  

10.Built-in audio and video coding system: video coding H.264, audio coding AAC, coding delay ≤67ms, video coding rate 256Kbps ~ 25Mbps adjustable, audio coding rate 32Kbps ~ 512Kbps, AAC coding 64Kbps;  

11.Live broadcast and release transmission protocol: support FMS live broadcast and release, provide RTMP push and RTMP service, and provide APP live broadcast setting system, which can remotely set the release address, push bit rate and resolution, etc.  

12.Built-in automatic broadcast control unit, realize automatic intelligent video broadcast control, semi-automatic control, manual control, three modes for users to switch freely, just press the record button, you can start recording and live without any intervention;  

13.Scene switching strategy: automatically switch between teacher close-up, teacher panorama, student close-up, student panorama, blackboard close-up and teaching computer screen intelligent switching and manual switching, different switching strategies can be set according to the needs (need to cooperate with smart camera);


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