KD-BC-8HN Factory Direct Sales Of High Quality And Durable 17.3-Inch Portable Director And Recorder


KD-BC-8HN Factory Direct Sales Of High Quality And Durable 17.3-Inch Portable Director And Recorder

1. Broadcast-level hardware mixing switcher, RGB4:4:4, YCbCr4:4:4;

2. Built-in digital mixer, analog mixer, audio hardware delayer and audio-visual synchronizer;

3. Micro SD/TF Card storage, recording as TS-MPEG;

4. RTMP push live broadcast;

5. Intercom and TALLY system;

6. 17.3-inch high-definition display;

7. Camera PTZ control, preset position control, white balance adjustment, aperture adjustment, etc.;

8. HDBaseT realizes one cable to transmit video, audio, PTZ control, TALLY and power supply;

9. Application: studio, on-site multi-camera recording, education recording and broadcasting, media live broadcasting, live broadcasting of various conferences and events;

10. Size: 425mm×340mm×120mm Weight: about 5kg;

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Product specification sheet

Model KD-BC-8HN
Powered By Input:Ac110v-240v,50-60hz,5a;Output:12v 10a
Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Size (L×W×H)425mm×340mm×120mm
Weight 5kg
Video Input 3G-SDI×8,HDBaseT×4,HDMI×2
Signal Specifications 2160P25,1080P50,1080i50
Video Output PGM Output HDMI×1,SDI×1;PVW Output HDMI×1,SDI×1;Systems Display HDMI×1
Audio Input Stereo (L,R) In RCA×5,MIC XLR×5
Audio Output Stereo (L,R) Out RCA×1,Balanced XLR Out×2,Monitorф3.5×1,Playback Monitorф3.5×1,The Director Calls Micф3.5×2
Other Interfaces USB2.0×2,RJ451000m×1
Intercom Tally Mini XLR Out×8,Director Calls
Video Switching Hardware Switch Signal×8
Mixer Digital Mixer×5,Analog Mixer×5,Audio Hardware Delay Device×2
Record Mp4
Live Streaming Rtmp

Product description


1. Video input: SDI×8, HDMI×2, HDBaseT×4, output: SDI×2, HDMI×2;

2. Built-in 8-channel high-definition mixed special effect station, hardware full interface mixed input special effect switching, built-in picture-in-picture arbitrary position joystick controller, broadcast-level switching T-type push rod, realize 4:4:4 lossless hard cutting;

3. 4K mixed kernel, 4K hardware lossless switching, hundreds of hardware special effects switching;

4. Audio input: stereo (LEFT, RIGHT) IN×5; professional microphone (48V) XLR IN×5; stereo (LEFT, RIGHT) OUT×1; balanced output XLR OUT×2; SDI embedded audio IN×5, HDMI Embedded audio×2, HDBaseT embedded audio×4; main output monitor Ф3.5×1; playback monitor Ф3.5×1; director call MICФ3.5×2;

5. Built-in digital + analog mixer, audio embedding and de-embedding, realizing the mixing of digital audio and analog audio, providing SDI×5, HDMI×2, HDBaseT×4, digital audio embedding/de-embedding input selection hardware switch ×5, can be mixed with external input audio such as digital audio ×5, analog stereo ×5, microphone XLR×5, the modulated audio can be embedded as HDMI, SDI output, and can be separated into stereo at the same time Output, built-in 48V phantom power supply, stereo ×1 output, broadcast monitor Ф3.5×1, playback monitor Ф3.5×1, director and call headset Ф3.5×1;

16N 800H SHARE

6. Built-in hardware audio delayer, two audio processing through two hardware encoders, first realize the synchronization of input digital audio and input analog audio, and then realize precise synchronization of audio and video;

7. Camera PTZ control, built-in hardware joystick controller and broadcast-level Hall zoom controller, control 8 cameras to push, pull, pan, tilt, and tilt; 8 sets of camera selection buttons, 9 sets of preset shortcut keys and cameras Menu setting shortcut keys;

8. Built-in hardware 8-channel guide and call system and 8-channel guide and prompt system TALLY;


9. Built-in video encoding system, which can record TS and MP4 broadcast-level high-definition video files with constant frame and constant code, and built-in hardware FMS publishing system to easily realize webcast;

10. Built-in broadcast-grade hardware high-definition recording system to meet broadcast-grade segmented recording requirements. The recording file is a broadcast-grade MP4 file with a constant frame and constant code, and an SD card slot is provided;

11. The volume and weight of the equipment meet the domestic airline cabin baggage carrying standards.; 



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