KD-3DVC-6M Full Interface Portable 3D 4K Reality Virtual Machine


KD-3DVC-6M Full Interface Portable 3D 4K Reality Virtual Machine

1. Full interface portable 3D virtual appliance, 3G-SDI×4,HDMI×4,VGA×2,DVI×2,NDI×4,SRT×4,Stream×4 input, easy to use;

2. 4-channel virtual keying system;

3. 64-bit operating system, 4K programming kernel, Alpha online packaging;

4. Digital mixer + Analog mixer + Audio delay;

5. Virtual  PTZ+ Camera PTZ;

6. 16-way switching + Virtual interactive studio;

7. Virtual studio with tracking;

8. With all the functions of virtual studio;

9. Application: TV station, virtual studio, micro class, virtual classroom;

10. Size: 425mm×340mm ×120mm; Weight: about 8kg

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Product specification sheet

Model number KD-3DVC-6M
Power supply  AC110V-240V,50Hz,400W
Operating temperature 0-40℃
Size (L×W×H)440mm×360mm×155mm
Weight 8kg
Video input VGA×2,DVI×2,HDMI×4,3G-SDI×4(ring out×4),NDI×4,SRT×4,Stream×4
Video output PGM output HDMI×2,SDI×1,NDI×1,SRT×1,PVW output HDMI×1,Systems display HDMI×1,DP×1
Audio input Stereo (L, R) IN RCA×5,MIC XLR×5
Audio output Stereo (L, R) OUT RCA×1,Balanced XLR OUT×2
Other interface USB2.0×2,USB3.0×2,RJ45×1
 Switchover Camera×4,NDI×4,SRT×4,Stream×4,DDR×4,Virtual camera×8
Sound mixing Digital mixer SDI/HDMI×4,Analog mixer(XLR\RCA)×5,Audio hardware delay device
Record High definition video MPEG2-HL,MP4
Live stream Rtmp
Virtual 4 channel virtual matting system,3D virtual one
  Caption CG-Alpha DVE
PTZ camera  Virtual PTZ,Camera PTZ
To track the virtual A virtual studio with tracking
Studio Interactive virtual studio
Configuration Intel i9CPU 12900T, RAM32G, 1TB, 8G GPU
Systerm Windows 11

Product description

1. Video input: 3G-SDI IN×4,HDMI IN×4,VGA×2,DVI×2,NDI IN×4,SRT×4,Stream×4,resolution support 3840×2160;


2. Video output:PGM output HDMI×1,HD/SD-SDI×1,NDI×1,SRT×1,ring OUT 3G-SDI OUT×4;

3. Audio input and output: microphone and audio balance input XLR IN×5, stereo input RCA(L, R) IN×5;  4 sets of SDI and 4 sets of HDMI digital unembedded audio input;  Audio balance output XLR OUT×2, stereo output RCA(L, R) OUT×1;  1 set of SDI digital and embedded audio output, 2 sets of HDMI digital and embedded audio output;

4. Mixer: built-in 5 groups of mixing mixer, provide 5 groups of audio push rod and hardware selection switch, realize digital audio and analog audio mixing, built-in audio hardware delay device and audio delay adjustment knob.  Professional microphone with microphone front amplifier, equalization, support switchable 48V phantom power supply;

5. Monitoring display: 6 pieces of 1920×1080 HD display, two 9 inch display respectively PGM and PVW, 4 4 inch display respectively 4 input signals;

6. Special effects switching station: built-in 16-channel switching station, 16×2 switching button and T-type damping switching push rod, 16-channel special effects switching station includes 8 channels of virtual machine, 6 channels of external signals, 2 channels of local resources (video, image, PPT, VGA, video playback);

7. Double rocker arm: built-in hardware three-dimensional control rocker, can respectively control the PGM and PVW virtual lens push, pull and swing, to achieve the double large rocker arm lens push, pull and swing, at the same time, there is a rocker arm precise control button, convenient for accurate control of the lens;

8. System configuration:i9 12900T CPU,32G memory, 1TB hard disk, 8G GPU,WIN11 64 bit operating system,64 bit acquisition,coding,recording,live broadcasting,keystroke,3D and online packaging system.Others: 1000M RJ45×1, USB2.0×1, USB3.0×1;

9. Virtual studio function: virtual keying of four channels can be carried out at the same time;

10. can simultaneously access at least 4 1920×1080 HD camera signal or other HD equipment signal input, dual-channel system, to meet the 4 camera at the same time display on the output screen;

11. The trackless virtual studio technology is adopted to realize the effect of pushing, pulling, shaking and shifting of each camera lens in the program production process without moving or operating the real camera;  

12. Built-in color keys in 3D virtual studio system;  

13. Built-in virtual mixer, which can adjust the volume of microphone and media material files in real time;  

14. With one-key keying function, and can save and call different keying parameter Settings independently;  

15. THREE-DIMENSIONAL virtual studio can use three-dimensional joystick to control the movement of characters and scenes, easily achieve a variety of push and pull motion;


16. The system can receive the direct signal from multiple cameras, video players or computers, and display it on the TV wall in the virtual scene in real time and clearly;  

17. Provide the function of real-time replacement of virtual large-screen materials in virtual scenes;  

18. Preview multiple virtual shots;  

19. Provide local recording unit, can support hd frame compression MEPG2 video and audio file local recording, recording resolution can be 1920×1080, 3840×2160, collection frame rate 25fps;  

20. Provide 2d keying function with video or picture as background;


21. Support, a video camera to realize the 3 - way effect of virtual studio, in the case of two hosts, for example, from a host hard switch (or pan) to another host, or hard switch (or pan) to the panoramic mode (shooting two host) at the same time, the system with only a camera lens switch can support a variety of patterns. Realize real-time camera switching and using push, pull and shift effects switching.  Reduce the initial equipment investment;  

22. Double virtual studio, through the key selection can achieve double virtual studio function, the same input lens or different input lens of the characters in different scenes in the virtual studio real-time transition switch, virtual realization of two real-time interaction;  

23. Virtual studio with tracking, combined with camera control, to achieve a true 3D virtual studio with tracking;  

24. TALLY and clock are displayed on the operation page.  

25. Built-in CG-Alaph subtitle and online packaging system, to achieve more than ten layers of Alaph dynamic subtitle, Angle and logo, 3d objects and light effect, dynamic materials, DVE direct video, video materials and other ways to achieve a full range of visual packaging live program;  

26. Provide 3D virtual scene picture data;  

27. Provide at least 30 sets of professional virtual scenes;  

28. The operation interface support PVW (pre-monitor) and PGM (program) at the same time display;  

29. Built-in live streaming media, no need to install plug-ins can play normally;  

30. Weight: about 8kg, size: length 440mm, width 360mm, height 155mm;  

Live Streaming

Live Streaming - Live video streaming over the Internet (built into the host)

1) Web-based live broadcast, which allows Web users to watch in real time through a browser;  

2) Support automatic reconnection of the system after troubleshooting of network faults during live broadcast;  

3) Support unicast and multicast, automatically find multicast, save bandwidth when live;  

4) There is no limit on concurrent number during the system live broadcast, and no limit on the number of users during the on-demand broadcast. It can receive across network segments and routes, support different bandwidths such as broadband and narrowband, and adapt to the applications of LAN, MAN and wan.  

5) The delay of LAN live broadcast is about 1 second;  

6) It has the functions of real-time logo, corner logo and caption, supports real-time subtitles and prefabricated subtitles, supports editing subtitles on any other computer in the LAN and then sending the subtitles to the live broadcast host;  

7) The system supports streaming media recording and live broadcasting, broadcasting high-definition video recording, and recording into broadcasting high-definition video file MPEG2-HL, which is convenient for post-editing and high-quality material preservation;  

8) The system provides standard streaming media distribution system and RTMP distribution system of FMS; 



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