• KIND Broadcast PTZ KD-A800PTZ

    KIND Broadcast PTZ KD-A800PTZ

     KIND Broadcast full-view AI intelligent professional pan/tilt KD-A800PTZ

    Rotation range: Horizontal: 355°; Pitch: +90°~-90°; Support software limit;

    Rotation speed: Horizontal: 0.01~60°/S; Tilt: 0.01~60°/S; PTZ, lens fully variable speed control;

    Positioning method and accuracy: full closed loop absolute positioning, 0.01°±10%;

    Adjustable damping: support (factory preset), users can fully customize, slow stop and slow start, quick response, etc.;

    Preset position: 256;

    Preset trajectory: 9 groups, 256 commands per group (including pan, tilt, lens);

    Control protocol: VISCA;

    Video signal output: SDI×1, HDMI×1; online upgrade: support

    Remote switch: support;

    Protocol type: VISCA, support protocol customization;

    Camera power supply: support;

    Control mode: Support wired network cable RS232/RS485 and wireless 2.4G/433M at the same time;

    Control distance: wired 1.2km, wireless 200m/1000m;

    Power requirements: 24V~36V

    Power: 180W (excluding camera)

    Working temperature: -10℃ ~45℃

    Tally: support

    Load: 20kg

    Gimbal weight: 3.37kg

    Dimensions (L×W×H): 158mm×140mm×200mm