Orbit robot camera

  • KIND Orbit robot camera KD-ZP30R-580

    KIND Orbit robot camera KD-ZP30R-580

    KIND Orbital robot camera

    KIND KD-ZP30R580

    Today, the field of radio and television, new media and campus TV stations have extensive demand for intelligent shooting systems. With the continuous increase in labor costs, the scale of industry demand continues to expand, a serious shortage of professional and technical personnel, continuous innovation in automation and intelligence, high stability and high standards Reliable and low-cost broadcast-level intelligent shooting system has become a reality and has a wide market

    The KIND orbital robot camera system enables photographers to obtain excellent shooting angles that cannot be achieved by traditional tripods and flat-bed rail cars, and provides a variety of lens materials for the composition of the final program. The translation, lifting, pushing, pulling, shaking, pitching, and tilting of the camera in this system are all controlled by the servo motor system, which makes the system have slow stop and slow start, uniform travel, and smooth speed change. Features.

    The horizontal moving track of the KIND orbital robot camera system has a curved track and a straight track, and provides portable installation components and hoisting installation components. The shooting track increases data collection and can provide accurate data to the control system. The horizontal displacement repeatability reaches ±0.08mm , the repetition accuracy of vertical lifting displacement is ±0.01mm, precise data acquisition and control provide powerful data support for the intelligent shooting of KIND intelligent track shooting robot camera, so that the shooting track of the system can be prefabricated, stored and called, and realize the integration with the scene The intelligent pairing combination makes the photographer more relaxed and unhurried during the shooting, and the prefabricated best shooting trajectory lens is called in real time according to the shooting plan, reducing labor intensity and dependence on more professionals.

    KIND track robot camera system consists of six parts: intelligent shooting track system, shooting lifting system, power supply and battery system, camera system, precise intelligent shooting control system, wireless audio and video transmission and real-time wireless control system.

    KD-ZP30R Introduction

    1. Camera: 4K broadcast grade PTZ camera;

    2. Lifting: Precision three-stage ball screw servo electric cylinder lifting system;

    3. Height: initial ≤700mm, stroke 800mm, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; speed: 250mm/s to 0.1mm/s, full servo stepless speed regulation;

    4. Pulley cart: 4×1 silent track wheel, synchronous belt drive, full servo intelligent control movement, stepless speed regulation, repeat positioning accuracy ± 1mm, speed: 1000mm/s to 1mm/s;

    5. Track: Intelligent shooting and splicing track, standard three bends and three straight, 6 meters in total;

    6. Motor: one for lifting and one for translation, 48V/200W servo motor and electric control system;

    7. Control keyboard: precise intelligent shooting trajectory control system and control keyboard;

    8. Transmission: wireless real-time image transmission system, wireless control system;

    9. Battery: 14.4V/28.8V 290Wh V-port battery × 2 (optional);

    10. Installation: support mobile installation and fixed hoisting, and provide all installation parts;