KIND Intelligent Track Shooting System


KIND Intelligent Track Shooting System

KIND  intelligent orbit shooting robot KD-ZP30R-480/580

Nowadays, in the radio and television field, new media, and campus TV stations have extensive demands for intelligent shooting systems. With the continuous increase of labor costs, the scale of industry demand continues to expand, the technical personnel is seriously lacking, and the continuous innovation of automation and intelligence, stable, high standards, and high reliability Low-cost broadcast-grade smart shooting systems become a reality and have a wide market.
The KIND orbital shooting robot system can enable the film crew to obtain excellent shooting angles that traditional tripods and flatbed rail cars cannot achieve, and provide a variety of lens materials for the composition of the final program. , The pitch and pitch are all controlled by the servo motor system, which makes the system have the characteristics of slow stop and slow start, smooth and smooth travel, and flat, accurate, and stable lens shooting. Realize the intelligent pairing and combination with the scene, allowing the photographer to be calmer in the shooting, reduce the labor intensity, and reduce the dependence on more professionals.
KIND orbit shooting robot system consists of six parts: shooting orbit system, shooting lift system, power supply, and battery system, camera system, precision intelligent shooting control system, wireless audio and video transmission, and real-time wireless control system.


1. Shooting track system: slide rails and pulleys

Shooting rail: The shooting rail is a mold and CNC numerical control finishing molding, the surface is polished many times, delicate and smooth, stainless steel bullets are seamlessly connected, rail size: length 100cm x width 25cm x height 5 cm, straight Rails, and curved rails can be spliced ​​and combined lengths according to shooting needs, and support roof suspension or ground portable formal installation.

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Pulley car: 4 × 1 wheel pulley car, CNC numerical control refined pulley car, 4 × 1 wheel silent track wheel, using fully enclosed design high-torque servo motor as the power of the track car, synchronous belt drive, compact and quiet structure, easy installation, Easy to store and carry.
Pulley speed: the fastest 10m/s, the minimum 0.1mm/s, the speed, and trajectory can be adjusted by remote control, support step-less speed regulation;
Power supply: DC 48V; maximum payload: 30kg; the unloaded weight of pulley: 5kg; 200W servo motor control system, supports RS-485 control, supports 433M wireless remote control, and the control distance is up to 1000 meters.

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2. Shooting lift system:
The shooting and lifting system adopts a precise three-section two-stage ball screw electric cylinder, and the diameter of each section is Ø160mm-Ø133mm-Ø107mm; initial ≤700mm, stroke 800mm, start, brake, and travel without any shaking. Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm, rated thrust 0.42KN, program-controlled positioning, integrated control. Speed ​​250mm/s to 0.1mm/s (servo motor control step-less speed regulation), programmable control precision servo motor-driven electronically controlled lift, quiet and stable operation, easy to adjust or preset the height of the machine.
3. Power supply and battery system: The camera system, rail system, and lifting system are powered by lithium batteries. The lithium battery adopts the most common 14.4V 130Wh V-shaped battery. The dual battery power supply is automatically switched. The built-in DC-DC power supply system realizes a multi-DC power supply. The power output can meet the power supply of 12V for the camera system, 48V for the lifting system, and 48V for the trolley system.
4. Camera system:

The camera of the system adopts KIND (KIND) two broadcast-grade camera-control integrated cameras KD-SK480NW/SRT and KD-SK580NW/SRT, and the two cameras have been customized in terms of internal power supply structure, wireless control, and video wireless transmission, etc. The structure is matched, and the camera parameters are detailed on the attached page.
5. Precision intelligent shooting control system
Sophisticated Smart Capture Control consists of the following components:
Joystick: broadcast-grade imported 3-axis high-precision potentiometer, voltage range: DC12V; power supply mode: USB-C; joystick dimension: three-dimensional joystick; the number of synchronization axes: three-axis synchronization; used to control the camera’s push, pull, shake, pitch, tilt;
Two-way rotation return point device: 2 in number, respectively control the advance and retreat of the shooting track system and the lifting of the shooting lifting system and set the slow stop and slow start.

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The main function:
Camera control: can control camera push, pull, pan, tilt, tilt, and camera settings, such as white balance, auto white balance, one-key white balance, manual focus, shutter manual adjustment, aperture manual adjustment, and menu operation, can control the camera zoom, focus, aperture, video, and other functions;
Rail car control: Two virtual limit points AB can be set to safely control the rail car to move forward, backward, acceleration and deceleration, cruise at a constant speed, and start and stop softly and smoothly within the limit points;
Elevator control: control the rise and fall of the elevator, as well as the speed and direction;
Preset shooting track: The lifting system, the translation track pulley system, and the camera PTZ system control form a set of integrated multi-axis synchronous automatic shooting systems, which can realize multi-axis repeated track shooting. The speed and direction switching can be adjusted; the multi-axis synchronous automatic control of the pan/tilt, rail car, and lifting system can be realized; through the built-in encoder of the servo motor, the running position of the rail car can be accurately recorded. On the above, two virtual starting and ending points can be set for the rail car. Whether it is acceleration and deceleration, constant speed cruise, or heading switching, it can run within a safe range between these two points to achieve automatic cruise shooting.

6. Wireless audio and video transmission and real-time wireless control system:
Output interface: Wi-Fi antenna interface × 1, external interface, SMA-KEW interface, support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, run 5G frequency. Network interface RJ45×1, external interface, 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port.
The UART output controls the serial port signal of the camera and supports the VISCA control protocol. Antenna: Frequency range-MHZ: 2400-2500MHZ 5000-5850MHZ, gain-dBi: 3dbi/8db /10db, VSWR: ≦1.5, input impedance-Ω: 50Ω, high power-W: 50W, connector type SMA male (inner screw hole) or (inner screw inner needle), antenna size: 160MM*18MM. Other interfaces: power interface × 1, external interface, 12V, 2A. Micro SD card slot x 1, external interface, to store recording files. USB type-A ×1, external interface, U disk recording. 3.5mm jack×1, external interface, MIC. Recording: Video encoding: H.265 Baseline / Main / High Profile, 4:2:0, HD 8Mbps/4K 32Mbps. Audio encoding: AAC LC, supports 32 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 96 Kbps, and 128 Kbps. Recording file format: MP4 / MOV, constant frame constant code, with time code. Recording format: HD supports up to 1920×1080@60fps, 4K 3840×2160@60fps. Signal Format: Supports progressive and interlaced signals. SD card file system format supports FAT32, exFAT. Live broadcast: NDI, SRT, and RTMP are supported, and the video encoding bit rate of live broadcast is the same as that of recording. Full wireless transmission and full wireless two-way control.

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