KD-C50R5H Best Stable remote Camera Controller Made In China


KD-C50R5H Best Stable remote Camera Controller Made In China

Joystick: broadcast-grade high-precision three-dimensional control joystick; Button: broadcast-grade imported button, blue backlight; Control protocol: VISCA protocol; Camera parameter settings: white balance, automatic white balance, one-key white balance, manual focus, manual shutter Adjustment, manual aperture adjustment and menu operation; Preset position: 9 per channel; Number of channels: 10; Working temperature: -10°C—70°C; Relative humidity: 30%—90%; Power adapter: AC100-240V to 12VDC /2000mA; Power: 8W; Interface: RS485: connect camera, equivalent to RS422 sending port, 2000M distance, RS232: connect camera, camera is used for RS232 communication, USB-D: USB2.0 is used to connect computer, server, NVR, etc. ;

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KD-C50R5H panel

①:Record the track of the rail car and camera. The indicator light is on to start recording, and the indicator light is off to stop recording.

②:Play and record the track of the rail car and camera. When the indicator light is on, play begins. When the indicator light is off, play is finished.

③:Start or stop all camera recording.

④:The current camera is recording.

⑤:Stop recording the current camera.

⑥:The location of the camera can be connected to 10 groups of cameras simultaneously.

⑦:Control rail car forward, backward and lift functions.

⑧:The display displays the status and memory capacity of the NDI camera.

⑨:The preset bits of the camera can be used to quickly return the camera to the preset position. There are 9 sets available.

⑩:(SET) Confirm key of the camera preset point. After adjusting the camera position, press this key to confirm the setting.

⑪:(FAST/SLOW) Adjust the speed of the camera and the rail car so that the indicator light comes on fast and the indicator light goes off slowly.

⑫:(FOCUS AUTO)The indicator light can automatically adjust the focal length of the camera.

⑬:(IRIS PRI) Indicator light, aperture priority.

⑭:(SHUTTER PRI)Indicator light, shutter priority.

⑮:(WB AUTO) Indicator light, automatically adjust the white balance.

⑯:(ONE PUSH)One key adjustment white balance.

⑰:(IRIS)Manually adjust the aperture by turning the knob to adjust the aperture.

⑱:(SHUTTER) Adjust the shutter manually. You can adjust the shutter through the knob.

⑲:(FOCUS) Manually adjust the focus, you can use the knob to adjust the focus.

⑳:PTZ controls the left, right, altitude, and elevation of the camera as well as the focal length of the camera (the focal length of the camera can be adjusted by rotating the rocker).

  Note: ⑫ ⑬ ⑭ ⑰ ⑱ ⑲ is automatic and manual respectively, in automatic mode, manual knob cannot be used.



KD-C50R5H interface

⑴:(AB)The 485 port of the terminal connects to the camera and controls the camera independently.

⑵:(TRG)232 interface of the terminal. TR sends and receives, and G is grounded. The camera can be connected through 232 interface to control the camera independently.

⑶:Type B USB interface connected to the virtual recording and broadcasting device, you can view the real-time track of the rail car on the software.

⑷:Connect the 12V power port to the DC. Do not connect the 12V power port to the DC.

⑸:The 2.4G antenna can enhance the control signal of the rail car.

⑹:The 433M antenna can enhance the camera's control signal.

Main function:Record/play video track, control camera and rail car forward, backward, push, pull, roll, shift and focus.

Camera control:It can control camera push, pull, roll, tilt, tilt, and camera Settings, such as white balance, automatic white balance, one-button white balance, manual focus, shutter manual adjustment, aperture manual adjustment and menu operation, and can control camera zoom, focus, aperture, recording and other functions.

Rail car controlControl rail car forward, backward, acceleration and deceleration, track cruise, preset position, start and stop soft and smooth.

Lift controlControl lift ascent and descent, speed and direction.

Preset trajectoryThe lifting system, the sliding track pulley system and the camera PTZ system control constitute a set of integrated multi-axis synchronous automatic shooting system, which can realize the multi-axis repeated track shooting. And adjustable speed and direction change. It can realize multi axis synchronous automatic control of head, rail car and lifting system. The built-in encoder of the servo motor can accurately record the running position of the rail car. Based on this, two virtual starting and ending points can be set for the rail car on the control platform. No matter acceleration and deceleration, constant speed cruise or course switching, the rail car can operate within a safe range between the two points to realize automatic cruise shooting.

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