Bundle 5: AI teaching intelligent tracking shooting and virtual micro-course synthesis courseware teaching


Bundle 5: AI teaching intelligent tracking shooting and virtual micro-course synthesis courseware teaching

Camera C25NW + virtual all-in-one machine 3DVC6N realizes intelligent tracking and shooting.
Realize fully automatic and intelligent shooting of the entire teaching process in actual classroom teaching. Teachers make full use of AI intelligent tracking and shooting technology to complete the entire process of teaching blackboard writing on the podium. Usually the blackboard writing area is relatively large, and a close-up lens is needed to capture it. The writing on the blackboard and the teacher’s expression are captured clearly. This kind of shooting requires lens movement. Manual shooting requires the camera to move smoothly, promptly and accurately. Such tracking shooting requires not only exquisite skills of the photographer, but also very high labor intensity, which increases the workload. Personnel costs. The application of AI intelligent shooting technology not only solves these problems, but also has more obvious advantages for this kind of fixed mode and shooting applications with certain rules to follow. Not only is it high precision and fast, but the shooting is smoother and more timely. The system is also equipped with a two-way remote control for teachers, who can also remotely record, stop and switch channel content.

Virtual synthesis micro-course courseware

Include 1

Collecting, broadcasting, recording and broadcasting integrated Three-dimensional virtual machine, KD-3DVC-6N×1set

Include 2

 Broadcast 4K camera, KD-C25NW×1set

Include 3

Carbon fiber tripod, C6620A×1set (Optional)

Include 4

Broadcast-grade wireless microphone: KD-KW50T×1 set (Optional)

Include 5

Cable :SDI cable, 15 m x 1piece (Optional)

Include 6

 Remote control: bidirectional RF remote control (switch, record, stop, pause, live broadcast) × 1 set 

Include 7

Green screen system and writing pen: Green screen system software ScreenOut + writing pen × 1 set (Optional)

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Product specification sheet

This is a full set of 3D virtual studio equipment, suitable for small TV stations, video production studios, etc., 3D virtual all-in-one MACHINE KD-3DVC-6N function is very powerful, in addition to all the functions of 3d virtual studio, and broadcast level NDI PTZ camera KD-C25NW with the use, not only has broadcast level signal quality, It can also control the camera remotely, so that a staff member can complete the shooting and production of multiple machines. The virtual all-in-one machine and the camera can follow the camera maneuvering scenes and realize the virtual studio with tracking, making the video produced by the virtual studio more real and practical.

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