Bundle 5: Mobile studio, portable live broadcast vehicle


Bundle 5: Mobile studio, portable live broadcast vehicle

Include 1

Collecting, broadcasting, recording and broadcasting integrated Three-dimensional virtual machine, KD-3DVC-6N×1set

Include 2

 Broadcast 4K camera, KD-C25-B×1set

Include 3

Carbon fiber tripod, C6620A×1set (Optional)

Include 4

Broadcast-grade wireless microphone: KD-KW50T×1 set (Optional)

Include 5

Cable :SDI cable, 15 m x 1piece (Optional)

Include 6

 Remote control: bidirectional RF remote control (switch, record, stop, pause, live broadcast) × 1 set 

Include 7

Green screen system and writing pen: Green screen system software ScreenOut + writing pen × 1 set (Optional)

Product Detail

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Product specification sheet

This is a full set of 3D virtual studio equipment, suitable for small TV stations, video production studios, etc., 3D virtual all-in-one MACHINE KD-3DVC-6N function is very powerful, in addition to all the functions of 3d virtual studio, and broadcast level NDI PTZ camera KD-C25NW with the use, not only has broadcast level signal quality, It can also control the camera remotely, so that a staff member can complete the shooting and production of multiple machines. The virtual all-in-one machine and the camera can follow the camera maneuvering scenes and realize the virtual studio with tracking, making the video produced by the virtual studio more real and practical.

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