KIND Portable EFP Multi-Camera Living Stream Resolution-All Through The Hardware (BC-8HN+C25UH)


KIND Portable EFP Multi-Camera Living Stream Resolution-All Through The Hardware (BC-8HN+C25UH)

This is the bundle that is broadcast 4K EFP portable mobile multi-camera resolution, which includes 4K Portable direct record all-in-one console and 4K PTZ Camera. This 4K video processing system is all through the hardware that is a lossless switcher. Audio part build-in digital mixing console, analog mixing console, and audio delayer. It build-in 4K hardware video-audio encoder system, which could be CFR(constant Frame Rate), constant ratio and time signal ratio record, multi-website address living publish, KIND direct record AIO machine and the KIND camera only through a CAT5/CAT6 cable connect, control and transfer five ways signal, which is lossless 4K video signal, audio signal, power supply, PTZ control, and TALLY.

Let’s start with the camera used for capturing the front shoot video signal, as a professional camera that has the business EFP multi-camera shoot mode. It provides the best quality video capturing and great film and transfer stability. It’s the necessary condition to adopt the broadcast camera to finish business shooting. And the camera that needs the professional photographer to operate basically. The production cost is higher because there is need for more staff in EFP multi-camera shoot and there have some inadequacies place such as stage, exhibition, aerial and other dangerous places that are hard to reach for people. 


The KIND PTZ camera is an excellent solution to one of the problems. The KIND 4K PTZ camera-control integrated camera is a broadcast-level PTZ camera. The camera has a 1-inch 4K broadcast-level Exmor RS CMOS imager with high imaging clarity and good illumination. , The color reproduction is accurate. The optical zoom lens of the KIND 4K PTZ camera is controlled by a private server motor, which has fast zoom speed, high accuracy, quietness, and good linearity. The PTZ of the KIND 4K PTZ camera is equipped with a servo motor PTZ of 0.1°~300°/sec, making KIND 4K. The PTZ camera performs very well in shooting and control. The product is fast, high-precision, silent, and highly stable in starting the brake, and the control linearity are outstanding. 

The general manual operation can not reach the smoothness of the PTZ camera. At the same time, the KIND camera has a built-in dual microphone array microphone, which is omnidirectional, low noise, supports 360-degree omnidirectional pickup, and the maximum pickup distance is 10 meters; supports 32K sampling and AEC, AGC, ANS processing, and I2S digital audio output 48KHz; The sound is clear, the sound quality is restored, and the listening experience is comfortable, high-definition, high-reduction, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, and low noise.


The KIND PTZ camera integrates a centralized transmission control system, which realizes a 75Ω coaxial cable or a Category 6 network cable to control and transmit five signals, which are: camera lossless video signal + camera audio signal or external XLR audio Signal + camera power supply + camera PTZ control + guide signal TALLY. The application of this technology makes the wiring that is the most troublesome for us in multi-camera shooting much easier, greatly saving labor costs and wiring material costs.

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The camera has not only broadcast-level imaging but also has high-precision control performance. At the same time, it has a centralized transmission control system. The director can accurately control multiple KIND PTZ cameras remotely. There is no need for on-site camera shooting personnel, which saves many personnel costs. The industry brings brand-new shooting concepts, making EFP multi-camera shooting easy.

The director recording system uses the KD-BC-8HN 4K director recording integrated machine , which has a built-in 8-channel 4K mixed particular effect station, hardware entire interface mixed input, and realizes 4:4:4 lossless intricate cutting; the device’s video input sets SDI×8, HDMI(4K)×2, HDBaseT(4K)×4 interfaces, combined with Kaidi camera control all-in-one, to achieve a 75Ω coaxial line to control and transmit five signals, KIND guide recording The combination of the all-in-one camera and the KIND camera-control all-in-one is a seamless combination matched, making EFP multi-camera shooting seamlessly integrated.

The audio part of the KIND director and recorder also has irreplaceable technical characteristics. It integrates a digital mixer and an analog mixer and uses reliable hardware to mix digital audio and analog audio. It not only integrates the mixer’s Many necessary functions have also solved some challenging problems in the industry. For example, the sound mixing of analog audio collected by various XLR professional microphones on-site and digital audio embedded with on-site cameras appears muddy and unclear in the industry. The machine has a built-in audio delayer, and audio processing is performed through the encoder. First, the input digital audio and the input analog audio are synchronized, and then the audio and video are accurately synchronized. The application of this technology provides a good hardware platform for complex audio processing on-site. It is also one of the few products in the industry that can solve this problem.

The broadcast-level hardware switcher also provides powerful extended functions. Together with the software component of the acquisition, broadcast, recorder, and compile integrated machine provided by KIND and the KIND dedicated connection cable with this component, the broadcast-level KD-BC-8HN 4K8-way switcher becomes a 16-channel switcher, adding eight groups of signals such as NDI×6, SRT×6, DDR×2, and other network video signals and local file signals, and adding DVE×8, CG-Alpha online packaging and virtual keying systems, The KD-BC800HN pure hardware 4K director switcher adds new functions of the Internet and files that are currently widely used in the industry. The hardware 4K director switcher integrated machine is upgraded to an omnipotent all-in-one machine for recording, broadcasting, recording, and editing, which retains the lossless signal quality and reliability of the original 4K broadcast-level director switcher.

The portable 4K broadcast-grade switcher all-in-one weighs only 5kg, similar to the size of a portable notebook workstation. The KIND PTZ 4K broadcast-grade camera weighs less than 1.6kg. The 4K multi-camera shooting system is light and small in size. , Convenient deployment, high reliability, labor-saving, powerful function, suitable for commercial shooting live broadcast on various occasions.

Broadcast-grade 4K mobile multi-camera shooting system equipment list

1. 4K director, broadcast, and recorder: Kaidi director, broadcast, and recorder, KD-BC-8HN×1;

2. 4K PTZ camera: Kaidi camera and control all-in-one machine, KD-C25UH×2;

3. Wireless microphone: Broadcast-grade wireless microphone KIND KD-KW50T×1;

4. Tripod: Carbon fiber tripod, C6620A×2;

5. Cable: Category 6 network cable, 30 meters × 2;


Post time: Jan-21-2021