KIND Broadcast Portable Multi-Camera Wireless Record System(LC-8N+C25NW)


KIND Broadcast Portable Multi-Camera Wireless Record System(LC-8N+C25NW)

The KIND portable wireless record system is a complete system solution with a bundle of EFP multi-camera shooting. It comprises KIND mobile video capture, record all-in-one console, wireless PTZ camera, tripod, and other attachments. The system’s front end is a KIND broadcast PTZ camera. The local video signal is captured by KIND broadcast-quality NDI, PTZ camera KD-C25NW. The remote data signal is captured by KIND broadcast-quality camera KD-C25SRT. NDI codec is used for wireless audio-video transmit and local audio-video signal transfer by WIFI. The small data audio-video signal used SRT codec technology by mobile internet transfer. We transfer all signs to the KIND director console, a KIND portable capturing record all-in-one console KD-LC-8N by a 5G CPE Router. This system has broadcast-quality signal, wireless mobile, safe and reliable, powerful function, and high price-performance ratio.


The front end of the set of the wireless multi-camera shooting system is essential. KD-C25NW  adopted the top imager of broadcast-quality 1/2.5Exmor RS CMOS and 4K 20X optical zoom. The Servomotor is a zoom lens control system with fast zoom speed, high precision,  and silence: 0.1-300°/s high-speed servomotor, build-in NDI encoding, and record system. The built-in wifi of the camera is specially designed for wireless video transmission, broadcast-grade NDI HX wireless transmission with a delay of ≤100ms, a three-color guide to prompt Tally system, constant frame, and constant code recording unit, the recording file is MP4/MOV with time code, Recording and stopping can be controlled remotely, and recording information such as recording size and remaining space of the recording card can be fed back to the director.

This system makes the high-quality, low-latency, high-reliability, wireless multi-camera, and interference-free wireless shooting in broadcast-level wireless shooting a reality.

With the ubiquity of mobile networks nowadays, commercial shooting activities are no longer confined to local locations. The real-time addition of audio and video signals from remote off-site cameras in remote areas adds new highlights to our commercial multi-camera shooting. Real-time live broadcasts of internal and external sites Make shooting activities more colorful. The small field wireless SRT PTZ camera KD-C25SRT adopts the broadcast-level 1/2.5 Exmor RS CMOS top-level imager, 4K 20x optical zoom, precisely the same as the KD-C25NW hardware technology, the difference is that it uses SRT Encoding technology transmits audio and video via the Internet. KIND's SRT remote camera has many essential features.


For example, KD-SK480SRT not only has the characteristics of broadcast-level cameras, such as good imaging, high control accuracy, and good linearity, the remote PTZ camera transmits high-quality audio. The video signal also transmits a pair of two-way data, which allows us to remotely control the camera's PTZ, tally, remote Recording and recording information feedback, remote start, remote wake-up, continuous flow control, and many other remote unattended intelligence. The operation makes it a tiny smart camera with real practical value. The KIND remote SRT PTZ camera does not require public IP. As long as it can access the Internet, it can transmit high-quality audio and video signals in real-time, convenient for installation and deployment.

The KIND camera-control integrated camera has been upgraded in 2021. It retains the advantages of the original broadcast-level imaging and control and adds an embedded digital array microphone. This microphone has the following characteristics:

1. Double φ9.7 microphone digital array microphone, omnidirectional, low noise, support 360-degree omnidirectional pickup, effective pickup distance> 6 meters;

2. Sensitivity: -26±3dB;

3. Signal-to-noise ratio: >80dB;

4. Audio processing technology: support 8K, 16K, 32K, 48KHz AEC (Echo Canceller), AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation), ANS (Background Noise Suppression);

5. Support four digital array MIC cascading to meet the requirements of recording applications in different areas;

6. Performance characteristics: clear sound, good sound quality restoration, comfortable hearing, high definition, high reduction degree, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, and low noise.

KIND's new camera-control integrated camera with a built-in digital array microphone is used in boutique recording and broadcasting classrooms. While the camera outputs broadcast-level digital video, it can also collect and embed high-quality digital sound. The all-digital audio and video acquisition and transmission ensure the completion of high-quality Recording and broadcasting audio and video shooting in a classroom environment with complex noise.


The director recording system uses the KIND portable acquisition, broadcasting, Recording, and broadcasting integrated machine KD-LC-8N, which integrates SDI, NDI, SRT, Stream, DDR, DVE, and other most popular signal sources in all industries for mixing processing. At present, the video industry has more and more needs for DVE. The system integrates independent 8-channel DVE dual-track switching. The built-in Alpha channel processing makes subtitles and other materials more colorful, and it cooperates with the traditional mixing switching of Kind acquisition, broadcasting, recording, and broadcasting integrated machine. Processing makes the system almost perfect.

The accessories include A carbon fiber tripod. Router. A lithium battery can work continuously (powered by the camera) for ≥16 hours.

Wireless shooting system equipment list:

1. Camera (for Remote Production) KIND Remote SRT Camera KD-C25SRT
2. Camera (for sharing video sources within the studio) KIND Wireless NDI camera KD-C25NW
3. Record direct all-in-one console, KD-LC-8N
4. The carbon fiber tripod KD-C6620A×3
5. Broadcast-quality microphone KD-KW50T×1
6. Lithium battery 12V 6A 18800mAh,KD-L1206018K×3
7. Router 5G CPE T1 and accessories×1

Product pictures


1.Record direct all-in-one console, KD-LC-8N


2.KIND Remote SRT Camera KD-C25SRT and KIND Wireless NDI camera KD-25NW





Post time: Dec-21-2021