KIND 3D Virutal All-IN-ONE Set(KD-3DVC6N+KD-C25UH-B)


KIND 3D Virutal All-IN-ONE Set(KD-3DVC6N+KD-C25UH-B)

This is a 3D virtual shooting package consisting of a portable 3D virtual all-in-one machine KD-3DVC6N and a broadcast-grade 4K camera-control integrated PTZ camera KD-C25UH-B. It is an overall solution package applied to the virtual studio, micro-video production, various virtual video studios, and on-site shooting with scene requirements.


This 3D virtual shooting package has the advantages of complete functions, lightweight, petite body, and easy portability. The shooting package integrates many parts, and it has several advantages over similar products.

Audio part: KD-3DVC6N three-dimensional virtual all-in-one machine has built-in hardware digital mixer, analog mixer, and audio delayer, provides five groups of 48V fantasy power supply, supports direct input of professional microphones, and can also embed digital audio with cameras Mixing, through the adjustment of the built-in hardware audio delayer, can meet the audio and video synchronization requirements of digital embedded audio and analog microphone audio and synthetic audio and video synchronization. It is a complete audio processing system without any external equipment.

Video part: including all video interface input, network IP stream and local file access, SDI, HDMI, NDI, Stream, SRT, DDR (video, file, PPT) all-interface all-digital mixing, Alpha online packaging, CG subtitles, DVE, and eight groups of rich 3D virtual lens switching, etc., make the video content extremely rich. Using the industry's most advanced keying technology - full-frame scanning mask technology, it can cut out clean images even in stray light environments. The GPU algorithm of the actual 3D virtual engine is applied with many leading technologies in the industry. It makes the system almost omnipotent in the video.


The all-in-one system also provides a director call system and a director prompt system Tally, a complete PTZ camera CCU control system, an independent CG-Alpha hardware fast execution system, eight sets of scene switching, six sets of input lens switching, and two sets of local DDR switching. 64-bit system, 4K encoding core, live recording system, etc., make the KD-3DVC6N system extremely powerful.


The camera in this package is a broadcast-grade 4K camera-controlled integrated PTZ camera KD-C25UH-B, which is a broadcast-grade PTZ camera. The camera uses a broadcast-grade 1/2.5 Exmor RS CMOS 3840×2160 4K imager, optical zoom 4K 20 times, SRZ 4K 30 times, HD 40 times; the imaging effect is not inferior to the professional broadcast cameras of famous international brands, 0.1~300°/sec high-speed servo motor gimbal, the gimbal is fast, High precision, mute, stable starting and braking, no matter it is the push and pulls control of the camera lens, or the linearity of the pan, tilt and tilt control of the camera head, it is a professional PTZ camera for video shooting. The camera comes with a 360° three-color Tally Tally.

3D virtual all-in-one KD-3DVC6N and PTZ camera KD-C25UH-B are connected by an SDI cable, which can quickly realize video, audio, PTZ control, tally, and another signal transmission to carry and simple to deploy.

The shooting package system provides remote control with a two-way transmission. One user can shoot, switch, record, and live broadcast, saving the workforce and producing satisfactory works at a low cost.


3D virtual shooting package equipment list

1. Camera: KIND camera and control all-in-one camera KD-C25UH-B × 1; (standard)

2. 3D virtual all-in-one machine: KD-3DVC6N×1; (standard)

3. Tripod: carbon fiber tripod C6620A×1; (optional)

4. Wireless microphone: wireless microphone KD-KW50T×1 set; (optional)

5. Keying green background: standard bracket keying green screen × 1 set; (optional)

6. Remote control: two-way RF remote control (switch, record, stop, pause, live broadcast) × 1; (standard)

7. Cable: a complete set of cables × 1 set; (standard)

Post time: Feb-15-2022